Bead Necklaces

One of the things that I’m proud of… fashion wise… is my jewelry collection; much of which I have made myself. Most of what I wear are strands of beads, some with charms hanging from them, and others just wrapped around several times and layered. I prefer to use faceted Czech crystal in blood red and black ‘jet’, but you can use this with most any type of beads.

I am very hard on my jewelry, and have to make sure it isn’t so fragile that it will break while I’m dancing, or just being clumsy. The way I ensure this is by restringing every strand of beads I wear, and putting a knot between each bead… so that if it does break… I’ll only risk loosing one or two rather than destroying a beloved piece in a shower of sparkly little bastards that will run everywhere.

I suggest restringing all strands of beads this way, not only does the knotting provide some insurance but it also makes the string of beads longer and it looks more antique {you’ll notice most very old strings of beads are knotted}. Use the thickest waxed cord that will go through the beads in question, {dental floss will do, but for gothly purposes I suggest getting black waxed cord from a local craft store}. Cut a length of cord ample to restring the beads with knots, I usually find 2 ˝ times the length of the original strand of beads is sufficient. Make a small knot at one end leaving about 2-3 inches extra, to be tied to the other end or to a clasp when finished. Thread the first bead all the way down, make a small knot immediately after this bead.

This is the tricky part, and I have used various techniques myself. Honestly you will have to experiment to find a way that is comfortable for you. The idea is to sandwich the bead between the two knots as tightly as possible. I usually tie the knot close to the bead and then tighten it by pushing it toward the bead till it is tight, then pulling on the cord to tighten it further. Practice this until there is little or no cord showing between the knots and the bead.

It is very time consuming and tedious, but for looks and endurance this is well worth your time.