Dye Your Hair

One of the most often asked fashion questions has to be how to dye your hair so that 1) you don't completely fry it and 2) that it doesn't fade in just a week. Well, I have a complex dying ritual that always worked for me and kept my colour looking rich for a month or more! I would actually have roots before the purple would start to fade noticeably. It's a royal pain in the ass, but worth it.

What you need:
hair dye
I recommend getting two or more colours that will complement each other, because if blended and streaked properly this will give a much deeper and richer effect. My fave combo was a plum and vampire red manic panic {the best red!} along some shade of wine or rose.
hair bleach
the strength you need depends on your natural hair color, what kind of crap you've dyed it with previously, and how "tough" your hair is. Even if you have dark hair, or you've previously put black on it; if your hair is fine, go easy on the bleach. If you wanted to be bald, you'd shave your head! I suggest going to a professional beauty supply store that sells to the public, or asking a knowledgeable friend who can look at you hair in person for advice if you have doubts or have never bleached your own hair before. DON'T TAKE CHANCES WITH YOUR HAIR!!! Get advice if you have doubts!!!
old toothbrushes
you need one for the bleach, and one for each shade of dye.
get good household gloves, they are reusable and really cut down on accidents.
To put on your face, ears, and neck. I've tried baby and cooking oil and they both soak into your skin too easily.
A plastic shower cap or plastic "Kroger" bag.
A whole night that you can waste dying your hair!
I told you this is a pain in the ass, and I wasn't kidding. This takes a whole night and since for this to work properly you will have to sleep or just stay up all night with this crap in your hair. You can just leave it in for a few hours, but it really won't last as long.
Step 1: Bleaching
Put on an old tee-shirt and secure an old towel around your shoulders with a safety pin and put on your gloves. Apply Vaseline to your face below your hairline, ears, and back of neck.
Mix the bleach in a plastic bowl. ONLY use plastic for mixing bleach, that includes any spoons or sticks used for mixing.
Apply the bleach to your hair using a tooth brush so you have more control over where it goes. How much you apply and in what manner is all up to your aesthetic sensibilities. I used to just streak it here and there, to minimize the damage I did and to further heighten the muliti-toned effect I was going for.

Once it has lightened sufficiently, wash it out. Use only water if you can, but make sure absolutely no bleach is left in your hair. If you must use shampoo only. DO NOT CONDITION YOUR HAIR!!! The idea of bleaching it, more than even lightening it, is to make your hair more porous so that it will soak up the dye. So it doesn't have to be blond either, just a bit damaged.

Step 2: The Dye
Towel dry your hair. You want it vaguely damp, but not wet.
Make sure your gloves are back on, Vaseline in place, and another old towel around your shoulders {don't use the first one as it may still have bleach on it!}.
Using a toothbrush for each colour, start brushing the dye into your hair. Let some of the streaks overlap, but not too much. Of course let your creativity guide you in this.
After you are satisfied with it {twist your hair if it is long up in a bun}, tuck it up in the cap or plastic bag. Tie a scarf or bandanna around your head to help hold it all together and keep it on you head for the next several hours. Get used to wearing it...
Step 3: Time and Good Riddance
Now, if you go to bed, make sure you put a towel down so you don't dye your linens. If you don't go to bed, just be patient... you may look silly now, but your going to have breathtaking hair soon! In either case leave the dye and associated headgear on for at least 6 hours. Applying a little judicious hairdryer action won't hurt either. Just make sure you don't melt the plastic bag!!!
When you get up, or just get over it, take a shower. Rinse your hair out with only water, don't actually wash it yet. It may feel a little "greasy" afterwards, and you will need to wear black that day, as some very small amount of it my rub off during the course of the day. Later that day, or the next day if you can stand it, finally wash you hair properly.
Step 4: Keeping it Beautiful
In order to make it last the longest there are a few things you should do to take care of it.

Get a gentle shampoo and conditioner that won't wash it out too fast.

Only wash your hair with shampoo once or twice a week. Usually rinsing it out thoroughly with clear water and briefly conditioning it is sufficient unless you have naturally very oily hair. Use your own discretion.